User’s Manual
Version 1.0
Robin Adams
2015 RayComposer - Robin Adams
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wihtout the express written permission of RayComposer - Robin Adams.
First release, February 2015
Dear Laserist,
I’d like to thank you for using RayComposer.
When I started doing laser shows more then 15 years ago, laser control systems were really
awkward to use and extremely expensive. One had to be a computer guru and laser engineer
to perform even a basic laser show. Things have improved a lot since. Laser projectors have
become really inexpensive and computers have become much more powerful.
When I started RayComposer, I already had a lot of experience designing the computer
hardware interfaces for laser shows. But what bothered me then was, that the hardware can only
be as good as the software driving it. And many common software for laser shows still uses the
same user interface as it used decades ago.
RayComposer is my attempt to improve on that situation. It was completely written from
scratch and takes an approach to creating laser shows different from any other software. Ray-
Composer tries to be more intuitive to use then any other laser show software, when drawing
graphics as well as composing laser shows.
Composing laser shows? In my opinion, what really mesmerizes the audience is when the
laser show really expresses the music. To provide the tools for achieving this was one of the key
goals when designing RayComposer. This is also why the main laser show documents are called
"Compositions" in RayComposer.
I’d like to thank my friends and family who provided ideas and supported me while writing
Have fun with RayComposer & be creative.
Robin Adams
Founder of RayComposer