About RayComposer

Ray - Composer?

Our company name consists of the word "Ray" and "Composer". The name says it all: We offer tools that you can use to "compose" artistic laser shows.

It really is a very creative and artistic process, to create shapes and color that suit to a piece of music. This is why we at RayComposer like to speak about "composing" instead of "programming" a laser show.

Fascination Laser Show

Laser shows are a unique kind of effect that, when used properly, will mesmerize the audience.

Beam shows, where laser beams are made visible in the air using fog, are an incredible voluminous effect, which can not be create with any other kind of light source.

Graphic laser shows use Lasers to project images onto a screen. The screen can be almost any size. Even projection on uneven surfaces is possible.


Robin Adams, founder of RayComposer, has been active in the area of laser show technology for more then 10 years. Here we would like to present a short overview of the milestones of past developments.

2013-2014: RayComposer

In November 2013 our RayComposer Software and Hardware was first presented to the public. This is a complete suite of software tools for easy creation of laser shows and suitable hardware devices.

2010: Etherpro ISP

Further development of the technology to output laser shows over network led to Etherpro ISP. This device used the ILDA ISP Connector again so industry standard laser projectors can be controlled using ethernet.

Especially the integrated control panel with graphic display needs to be emphasized here, which allowed selection and play back of laser shows stored on an integrated SD memory card. It will also play back the music for the laser show. So with Etherpro ISP it is possible to run a complete laser show without using a PC. This is ideally suited for fair displays or shop window applications.

2007: Etherpro - Laser Projector wither Ethernet Interface

With Dimensions of only 10x5x5 inches Etherpro pioneered the age of ultra compact laser projectors. The compact dimensions were only possible by custom development of all components, like scanner driver, laser driver or power supply in most compact size possible.

Not only this: Etherpro was the first projector to include direct control over an Ethernet network. A powerful ARM processor with embedded linux operating system also found its place inside the case.

2006: bILDA2 - Honey, I shrunk the bILDA.

bILDA2 entered the market 2006 as an improved version of bILDA. It was worlds first USB DAC powered using only the USB port and so didn't require a separate power supply any more.

Another improvement was the compact size, which is about the size of a credit card. Nowadays many different vendors offer devices in this form factor.


2003: bILDA - First Laser Show DAC with USB Interface

bILDA war der erste USB Lasershow DAC

bILDA was the first laser show DAC in the market with USB interface. In 2003 the market was dominated by laser show DACs in form of plug-in PC boards with ISA or PCI interface. Today laser show DACs with USB interface are the standard for controlling laser projectors.

bILDA was released as a complete open source project - back then completely uncommon in the laser show community.


RayComposer is responsible for the technical coordination of europe's largest laser show contest.