We offer Laser Show Software and ILDA Interfaces for Windows & Mac OS X

RayComposer Animation Editor

Create beautiful laser graphics in a glimpse.

RayComposer Timeline Editor

Our timeline editor lets you create laser shows perfectly in sync with the music.

RayComposer USB

Our High Performance Laser Show Interface - The link to your laser projector.


Spotlight On: RayComposer

Yes, you really can use RayComposer now to turn your spotlights on. RayComposer includes a full featured DMX lighting control for intelligent and conventional lighting fixtures.

Fixtures can be loaded from the integrated fixture library and patched to DMX-512 or ArtNET output universes. Fixtures not already present there can be easily created using the integrated fixture editor. You can even specify indivial colors or images for each range of the fixtures attribute channel.

Fixtures can be grouped together in the console and selective presets can be stored.

RayComposer is a LTP console and uses HTP for intensity values. Tracking is used within cue lists. Cue transitions can be designed using fade and delay times and transition curves.

You can then insert your cue lists into the timeline, even run several cue lists at once. With the feature of selective presets this provides very nice effects for your multimedia show.