We offer Laser Show Software and ILDA Interfaces for Windows & Mac OS X

RayComposer Animation Editor

Create beautiful laser graphics in a glimpse.

RayComposer Timeline Editor

Our timeline editor lets you create laser shows perfectly in sync with the music.

RayComposer USB

Our High Performance Laser Show Interface - The link to your laser projector.


RayComposer joins Internet of Things!

With the release of our new laser show DAC device called RayComposer NET, RayComposer now joins the Internet of things.

It is the first device in our lineup to feature an Ethernet LAN interface. This opens up new exciting possibilities for all users of our RayComposer laser show software. Since LAN signals can

be distributed easily with LAN switches and can be used on longer cable runs, setup for shows using many laser projectors on large stages is greatly simplified.

We're proud to offer some industry firsts as well:

IPv6 support:

IPv6 is the newest version of the internet protocol that quickly catches on as the IPv4 address space is exhausted and no more new address can be assigned. Well, it would probably be too much flattery to claim we're running out of IP addresses when controlling laser projectors on the LAN ;). More interestingly IPv6 offers a new addressing mode that enables devices connected to a LAN to immediately communicate with each other without any prior setup. This allows us to offer true plug&play functionality - as known from our USB devices - for the LAN interface as well. If you're still dialing in IP addresses on tiny displays or DIP switches - it's time to upgrade.

Power over Ethernet:

RayComposer NET accepts power over the LAN connector. It is a fully compliant to the Power over Ethernet specification 802.3af and can be used with all PoE LAN switch or power injectors. Say goodbye to wall-wart supplies!

USB high speed:

Additional to the LAN Interface a USB high speed interface is also present, and it's actually working. All device functions are available via USB as well. No driver installation necessary on Windows, Mac OS or Linux - works out of the box. If you have one of the new MacBooks without ethernet you'll appreciate this - saves you from chaining adapters to get running.

DMX in & out:

Includes a full DMX input and output interface for controlling your lighting rig as well as an input interface to control RayComposer from your lighting console.

It also implements ArtNET - the common standard for sending DMX over the network- as well as sACN - the upcoming standard.

Stand Alone mode:

RayComposer NET can also play laser show content stored on the integrated microSD memory card. Controlled locally or by DMX, ArtNET, sACN or OSC.

Responsive Web Interface:

Easily configure the device or check status from your mobile device or laptop much more convenient then directly at the device, which often sits at an inaccessible location during showtime.

Highest Performance:

Our Interface does 200k scan speed with 16 Bit XY resolution and 6 Color Channels at 12 bit high dynamic range. The device's 300MHz processor is fast enough fully saturate the ethernet link - nice for fast file transfers, faster then any scanner ever will be.

We include USB cable, a short black ILDA cable and memory card with the device.