ILDA Ausgabekarte RayComposer USB DMX Breakout Adapterkabel

RayComposer USB

highest performance with best reliability

DMX Break Out

connects your DMX devices

ILDA DAC Interfaces

Laser projectors used for laser shows today are nearly always equipped with an ILDA ISP connector. The ILDA ISP interface uses analog control signals that can not be directly connected to your PC or Mac. A hardware device is needed that translates the computer's signals into proper ILDA signals. These devices are called ILDA Interface or DAC (Digital Analog Converter).

RayComposer USB

RayComposer USB is such an ILDA interface device - and we're really proud of it, since it's the one with the best technical data in town. (16 bit resolution, 200kpps, 6 color channels).

But technical data is not everything: The laser show system consisting of laser show software and ILDA interface has to work flawlessly and without a glitch - after all, you don't want to be left in the dark on your next laser show. We develop all hard- and software components in-house, so you can be certain that the components match perfectly and work together reliably.

RayComposer NET

RayComposer NET is our newest Interface. Additional to the USB port it features an Ethernet LAN connection. Since Ethernet signals can easily be distributed with LAN-Switches and longer cable runs are no problem this Interface significantly eases setup of larger laser installations.

DMX Breakout

RayComposer USB includes a DMX-512 interface which even can communicate bi-directionally for remote device management (RDM). It provides an output, that can be used to control DMX devices, as well as an input, that can be used to control the laser show software by DMX.

But we've built our USB interface so incredibly compact that the large XLR connectors simply wouldn't fit inside. It also has been our experience that the DMX functionality is not required for every interface, especially when multiple interfaces are used in a setup.

Therefore we offer this DMX break out cable as an add-on. It will distribute the DMX signals from RayComposer USB to standard XLR connectors.


Our Laser Show DACs work best with the Laser Show Software by RayComposer, but can also be used with custom or third party applications.

Drivers and Manuals

can be found in our download section.