RayComposer USB

High performance Laser Show DAC

ILDA ISP Schnittstelle

USB 2.0 High Speed

RayComposer USB

RayComposer USB is our laser show output device (DAC) with USB Interface. It translates the digital USB signals of your computer to analog voltages which control the laser projector.

High Performance Lasershow DAC

Designed without compromise, RayComposer USB reaches top values for both resolution and sampling rate.


USB 2.0 High Speed

RayComposer USB supports USB 2.0 highest speed of 480 MBit/s.

Your laser shows will be displayed more fluent then ever and also the fast data transfer to the integrated flash storage will save you annoying waiting times.

Integrated DMX

Using a seperate adapter cable RayComposer USB offers both a DMX-512 input and a DMX-512 output.

Thus a separate DMX interface is not needed any more.

RayComposer USB even excels at DMX: It is one of the first devices in the laser show industry to support DMX-RDM.


Technical Data at a glance

Resolution: 16 Bit (65536 x 65536 Image points)
Sampling Rate: 1 - 200000 Hz
Maximum Frame Size (Points): 4 billion
Color Channels: 6 Channels with high resolution, ISP Signals: Red, Green, Blue, Intensity/Yellow, Cyan, Magenta
Shutter: actively controlled  shutter signal
Computer Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed (480 MBps), also compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 3.0 ports
Projector Interface: ILDA Standard Projektor Interface
Processor: 96 MHz 32 Bit RISC-Processor
Memory: 4 GB integrated Flash Memory
DMX512-Input, RDM-capable (using Adapter)
DMX512-Output, RDM-capable (using Adapter)
Driver: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X; open API, also compatible with third party applications
Power Supply: using USB Bus
Dimensions: 91 x 55 x 24mm
USB cable: included
Made in Germany

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Driver-less Design

For modern operating systems like Windows 8, Linux or Mac OS X RayComposer USB does not require a device driver.


To use the DMX-Functions of RayComposer USB you need our DMX-Breakout Adapter.