Integrated DMX Lighting Console

Patch fixtures using drag&drop

Load fixtures from the integrated fixture library

Or create fixture definitions yourself

Descriptions, Images or Colors can be added to Attribute values

DMX Lighting Console

RayComposer includes a complete DMX lighting console which you can use to control intelligent lighting fixtures like moving heads, or conventional fixtures and special effects like Hazers, Pyrotechnics or Laser Gauze Screens.

DMX Output is possible using or RayComposer USB Interface or ArtNET.

Lighting Console

At the heart of the lighting controller is the console - here you create a "look" on your lighting rig and save it as a preset or cue.

Fixtures can be selected individually, several at once or in pre-defined groups. Then you can change the different attributes of the selected fixtures. Presets are selective; only selected attributes are stored. RayComposer uses tracking within cue lists.

Fades between cues can be designed using Fade and Delay times as well as transition curves.


In RayComposer you can flexibly create Universes, which then can be assigned to the available DMX or ArtNET Outputs.

Fixtures can be patched once or several times per universe and to several universes.

Import Fixtures

Fixture can be imported from the included fixture library. When fixtures are imported, they can be automatically patched to a universe.

Create Fixtures

You can create fixtures which are not already in the fixture library with the included fixture editor. Attributes can have a DMX Resolution of 8, 16 or 24 Bit. Each attribute has a preset value and optionally a value that is used to highlight the fixture.



Describe Attributes

For each Attribute's value range a descriptive text, a picture or color can be defined. For instance the Gobos of a Gobo wheel or the colors of a color wheel.




Additional to our RayComposer Lasershow Software we offer a selection of  high performance laser show interface devices. These are required to control a laser projector.

Designer's Edition

The Designer's Edition of RayComposer can be downloaded for free on our download page.