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ILDA ISP Connector

Picture of the ILDA Connector

In the laser show industry the ILDA ISP connector is the standard interface to connect a laser projector to its controlling equipment.

It is a 25 pin D-SUB connector. The projector uses a male connector, the controlling equipment a female one.

The signals are transmitted differentially, that means for each signal a conductor with positive and negative polarity exists. An exception is the shutter signal, whose reference potential is the ground wire (Pin 25).

The interlock loop can be used by the projector to detect whether a laser controller is connected. Therefore Pins 4 and 17 are connected to each other inside the laser controller.

Differing from the standard the ILDA connector often is also used to carry DMX signals. The user-defined signal pair 3 is used as DMX input, user-defined signal pair 4 is used as DMX output.

Pinout of the ILDA ISP Connector
1±10V differentialX Axis +
2±10V differentialY Axis +
30 to +5V differential Intensity + (for single color projector)
4-Interlock A
(connected to Interlock B inside the DAC)
50 to +5V differential Intensity Red Laser +
60 to +5V differentialIntensity Green Laser +
70 to +5V differentialIntensity Blue Laser +
80 to +5V differentialUser-Defined Signal 1 +
(e.g. deep blue laser)
90 to +5V differential User-Defined Signal 2 +
(e.g. yellow laser)
100 to +5V differential User-Defined Signal 3 +
(e.g. Cyan, also often DMX-Input +)
11-User-Defined Signal 4 +
(e.g. 3D depth, also often DMX-Output +)
12-User-Defined Signal from Projector to DAC
13 0 to +5V Shutter Signal
(5V=Laser enabled, Refrence Potential is ground)
14±10V differentialX Axis -
15±10V differentialY Axis -
160 to +5V differentialIntensity - (for single color projector)
17-Interlock B
(connected to Interlock A inside DAC)
180 to +5V differentialIntensity Red Laser -
190 to +5V differentialIntensity Green Laser -
200 to +5V differentialIntensity Blue Laser -
210 to +5V differentialUser-Defined Signal 1 -
(e.g. deep blue Laser)
220 to +5V differentialUser-Defined Signal 2 -
(e.g. yellow Laser)
230 to +5V differentialUser-Defined Signal 3 -
(e.g. cyan, also often DMX-Input -)
24-User-Defined Signal 4 -
(e.g. 3D depth, also often DMX-Output -)




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