RayComposer Device API Documentation  1.6
Public API for RayComposer laser show DAC interfaces.
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Initialise API functions. More...


typedef int(RCCALLTRCInit )()
typedef int(RCCALLTRCExit )()


int RCAPI RCInit ()
 Initialise DLL. More...
int RCAPI RCExit ()
 De-Initialise DLL. More...

Detailed Description

Initialise API functions.

Typedef Documentation

typedef int(RCCALL * TRCInit)()

Function type definition for RCInit()

typedef int(RCCALL * TRCExit)()

Function type definition for RCExit()

Function Documentation

int RCAPI RCInit ( )

Initialise DLL.

This function must be called before all other API calls can be used.

Returns the DLL API Version on success. Currently this is 0x0106.
int RCAPI RCExit ( )

De-Initialise DLL.

This function must be before the program exits to de-initialise the DLL.